Tools & Features

Smart auto signals

Now don't waste your time to find Easy Entry and Exit. Our premium auto signals feature makes trading easier and smart.

Trend Strength Screener

How to know if the current or upcoming trend is going to work? Now, make your analysis easier with TRED's Trend Strength Screener.

Ai Breakout Levels

TRED's Ai level analyzer helps to find Breakout and Breakdown levels on chart with real-time Support and Resistance in the market.

Realtime trend

Trading with real time trend is now got easier with TRED's real time trend analyzer. Just add TRED on your chart and start trading.

Support and Resistance Blocks

Enhance your trading by using TRED's auto support and resistance level. Additionally, get live demand and supply zones on your chart.

Market Structure (CHoCh & BOS)

Identify market's structure by enabling CHoCh and BOS features. Helpful for Smart Money Trading Strategies.